Garage Fire - "Reminders"

Dear Yosemite Village Residents, As many of you know, we recently had a garage fire incident in our community. Due to the alertness of one homeowner who left early to go to work, his immediate call to 911, and fast dispatch from the Cunningham Fire Department, the resulting damage is limited, and nobody got injured. The Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of several important points:

  1. Per our governing documents, the garages are supposed to be used primarily for storage of a vehicle. Be mindful and careful if you use or store in your garage items or chemicals that are hazardous, flammable or can easily ignite. Read and follow instructions related to disposal of residues or materials soaked with chemicals.

  2. Our HOA insurance only covers structural damage to garages. Damage to all content inside the garage must be covered through homeowner / renter's or car insurance.

  3. Per our governing documents, repair and replacement of garage doors including garage door openers are the responsibility of the home owner. Damage to these items must be covered through your homeowner's insurance.

  4. Larger incidents could result in significant cost to the HOA (e.g. the HOA insurance deductible), which would be transferred to homeowners. We, again, recommend that your homeowner's insurance has "loss assessment" coverage, which would cover your portion of the transferred cost.

Please review your insurance policies to confirm you have appropriate coverage. Let's keep our community safe! Sincerely - YV Board of Directors


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