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All owners and residents must register their vehicles to receive a permit. Please contact parking@yosemitevillage.org 
to register your vehicles.



Absentee owners are responsible for providing the information (and current leases) for their tenants and for ensuring all tenants are familiar with community rules and guidelines.


Under the Yosemite Village CC&Rs, Section 7.4 (d), the current leases or rental agreement must be on file with the Association for all renters. Parking permits for renters will not be issued until we receive a current lease for rented units.

Are you interested in joining the Parking Committee?
If yes, send an email expressing your interest to:
Parking and Vehicle Rules

Parking permits are required for all residents of Yosemite Village. All permits are vehicle-specific and display the license plate number of that vehicle. They are not transferrable. There are 3 kinds of permits:

  • Garage Parking 
    Vehicles with Garage Parking permits may park inside a garage or directly in front of the garage. Every unit is provided two (2) Garage Parking permits. 

  • Assigned Parking
    Units with three vehicles may apply for the right to park in Assigned Parking spaces around the community. See details below on how to qualify and apply for this sticker.  

  • Reserved Parking
    Reserved Parking permits are designated spaces available only to units 32, 36 and 99 because their short driveways and roadway position combine to create a safety hazard to the community. 


How do I get a Garage Parking permit?

Garage Parking permits are tied to specific cars owned or operated by documented residents of the community. You must register all vehicles you want to park in the community with the Parking Committee. Parking Registration may be done electronically by contacting parking@yosemitevillage.org. Garage Parking stickers for residents who have registered their vehicles with us were mailed out mid-December, 2015. If you have not received Garage Parking sticker(s) for your vehicle(s), please contact parking@yosemitevillage.org.

How Do I Get an Assigned Parking Space?

No one may park in an Assigned space without an Assigned Parking sticker in evidence. Only units with three vehicles may apply for the right to park a third vehicle in Assigned Parking spaces around the community. Assigned Parking stickers are allocated according to a first-come, first-served rule regarding the date adequate documentation is received for your application. Otherwise, a preference system based on the number of documented resident-to-vehicle ratio applies. Please email us at parking@yosemitevillage.org to learn about the application process.


Resident Use

Visitor spaces are reserved for non-resident visitors only. Residents are never permitted to park in Visitor spaces, though a 10-minute window for switching cars, dropping off heavy items, and so on is allowed. Residents who leave their vehicle parked in a Visitor space for longer periods are subject to citation and towing at the owners expense, as indicated in the signage.

Short-stay Visitors

Visitor spaces are intended primarily for Short-stay guests of residents, contractors, delivery personnel, and the 10-minute allotment for residents to switch-out their vehicles or drop off items or people. Such visitors typically exit the community within a 6 hour period and/or visit the community infrequently.

Longer-stay Visitors

Visitors who stay longer in a visitor space (over 6 hours) or overnight (up to a 24 hour period), whether continually in the exact same visitor space or moving to a nearby space with short comings and goings, are considered Longer-stay visitors. Such visitors have the potential to monopolize Visitor spaces and deny usage to short-stay visitors and residents, and so are restricted to such usage in the community to twice in a 7 day period, starting from their first Longer-stay use. Upon second such use within a 7-day period, the vehicle will be notified that they will be required to park their vehicles off-site for the remainder of that 7-day period. During this 7-day period, if the vehicle in question is found parking in a visitor space for any length of time it will be treated as a residential vehicle and thus subject to the same citation and towing penalty as residential vehicles.

Extended Visitors

Visitors who need to leave a vehicle in the same Visitor parking space longer than 24 hours must have a Extended Visitor permit issued by the HOA Board or their representatives on the parking committee. Extended visitors are restricted to the driveway of the unit requesting the Extended Visitor permit, or a vacant visitor space along the fences of the community. Extended Visitor permits are limited to a 14-day period.

Immediately Towable Violations

Red lines painted along the edges of our parking areas designate a Fire Lane. Parking along a red line is never allowed for either residents or visitors. Blocking access to any garage, parking in a reserved space without the proper sticker, parking on grassy areas or otherwise creating a hazardous condition or blocking the flow of traffic are also immediate towable violations. 


First Cite, Second Tow Policy

Repeating any parking offense within a 6 month period also becomes a towable offense. This means, for example, a vehicle may be cited for parking in a Assigned space without the proper sticker. Should this vehicle, within 6 months of the first citation, repeat this violation, this second violation may result in the immediate towing of the vehicle without notice.


Full enforcement of all parking stickers, rules, and regulations began 11.19.2015.

Contact The Parking Committee

TOWED VEHICLES may be recovered by calling Maxx Towing: 


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