The Landscape Committee is tasked with helping to prioritize landscape decisions for the community-at-large.  We would love to have more homeowners get involved, contact us if you are interested send an email to

Landscaping Guidelines for Residents Assuming Responsibility for Areas Adjacent to Their Units 

The YV HOA board is responsible for maintaining community landscaping to a clean, neat, and safe standard. The board appreciates and encourages efforts made by residents who, at their own expense, wish to improve the appearance of landscaped areas adjacent to their units. Yet as such improvements are on community property, certain responsibilities and restrictions that are specified in this document apply. 

​Tree Trimming Guidelines 


  • No branches over the roof - 2’ Clearance Required
    Trees drop leaves, branches and other litter on the building roofs. This debris clogs the scuppers, collection boxes and downspouts which will lead to a costly roof leak in your home. There mus be at least a 2’ (two foot) clearance between the tree and building.

  • No part of the tree may touch a building - 2’ Clearance Required
    This leads to siding problems that are costly to repair and will interfere with the re-painting of the buildings. This includes neighboring buildings and Garages.

  • The branches and root system may not encroach on foundations, fences or sidewalks
    The cost of foundation, siding and fence repairs will be the responsibility of the owner of the tree causing the damage to any of these structures.

  • No low branches overhanging common area
    Low overhanging branches present a hazard to pedestrians. Leave at least a 8’ clearance between ground and lowest part of the tree overhanging common area.

  • Remove dead branches or branches likely to break
    Snow or rain can add significant weight to a branch which will break if it cannot support the extra weight. Wind will cause branches to break and fall. Large falling branches could injure someone or damage property which the tree owner would be responsible for.