1101-1254 South Yosemite Way  •  Denver, CO  80247  •  info@yosemitevillage.org

Property Management Company: Colorado Management Specialists, LLC 

Attn:  Maureen Wade - 303-690-3932

​This committee will help with the coordination and oversight of maintenance, construction, and architectural modifications proposed by owners to their units.  We are in need of volunteers for this committee. Please contact design@yosemitevillage.org to join.

  • Design (Architectural) Review Form
    Design and Improvement requests for alterations to the exterior of your unit should be submitted by downloading and filling out the form below. After saving the file to your local computer, either fill the document out electronically, or print it and fill it out by hand. Submission instructions are on the bottom of the form.
  • Building Paint Specs
    Current paint colors for Yosemite Village


Contact The Design Review Committee