About Our Community


Yosemite Village is a rustic town home style condominium community located in southeast Denver. With wooded grounds and a distinctive quad building design, the Village boasts a unique blend of privacy, community, and tranquility.


Originally named ‘Cinnimon Down The Street’ in 1976 by the developer to be slightly different from their first project 'Cinnimon Courtyard' to the east.  The Yosemite Village community has 100 units on gently rolling grounds beautifully landscaped with trees, plants and rock beds.

Ross Vanvoorhees President

Lidia Saniuk Vice President

Vacant Secretary

Email:  info@yosemitevillage.org

George Smyser Treasurer

Vacant Member-at-Large

Yosemite Village Board of Directors


6795 E. Tennessee Ave., Suite 601

Denver, CO, 80224

Attn:  Jean Ronald


Property Management  Company

HOA Board Meeting


Meetings are held at the offices of our Property Management Company:
See Calendar for Dates

Be sure to check back for the location of each meeting—on occasion, due to logistics, the location does change.


The Community has a set of guidelines regarding conduct at meetings. All attendees are expected to follow these guidelines:

HOA Board Meeting