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About Our Community


Yosemite Village is a rustic townhome community located in southeast Denver. With wooded grounds and a distinctive quad building design, the Village boasts a unique blend of privacy, community, and tranquility.


Originally named ‘Cinnimon Down The Street’ by someone who apparently didn’t have access to a dictionary, the community has 100 units on gently rolling grounds beautifully landscaped with trees, plants and rock beds.

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The HOA Board of Directors for Yosemite Village meets once a month, usually on the third Tuesday. Residents are welcomed to attend. Meeting times and locations are updated monthly in the Board of Directors sidebar on this page.


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Be sure to check back for the location of each meeting—on occasion, due to logistics, the location does change.


The Community has a set of guidelines regarding conduct at meetings. All attendees are expected to follow these guidelines:

HOA Board Meeting


6795 E. Tennessee Ave., Suite 601

Denver, CO 80224

ATTN:  Mike Workman


Property Management  Co.



It is a requirement that all trash be put in a trash can with a lid and your unit # on it.  Put the cans out by 7 AM Tuesday and bring them back in Tuesday evening. We don't want to have critters getting into the trash and dragging it all over the complex.

When your trash is not picked up,

call Alpine Waste & Recycling:

(303) 744-9881

Option 4 - Commercial Dept.

The Alpine Representative will help with a new pick up time.

Thank you!

Ross Vanvoorhees President

Lidia Saniuk Vice President

Gregg Fanselau Treasurer

Vacant Secretary

George SmyserMember-at-Large

YV Board of Directors